Here In My Garage

Ok, you have seen the title of this post, so let’s start with this:

I bet you have seen this ad before, haven’t you?

Yep, Tai Lopez.

On which side of the fence are you on? Love him or hate him? Most people aren’t on the fence in this particular case. Tai Lopez is just so remarkable character, that everyone has an opinion on him.

The weird thing is, that most people I meet really seem to not like him at all. None of them really know him nor have they ever listened to his content. I mean the real content because he has two kinds of content online. The kinda douchey – supercars and girls and on the other hand the real deal, valuable content. Yes, you hear me right. Mr. Lopez has a lot of great, awesome content online. It really helps people to start a business, to succeed in life. The best part? Most of it is free!

tai lopez

Well, just in case you really, I mean really can’t stand him because he’s only a show-off, let me tell you this: this gentleman is awesome. Yes, I mean it. Give yourself a favor and really listen to one of his videos on entrepreneurship or his book reviews. He’s super smart, extremely committed and self-educated. He knows what he’s doing. And the douchey stuff? Well, he’s building his audience.

In 2017 he was featured as a Media Influencer Of the Year by The Entrepreneur. So if you want to see what he’s really doing, check this website and learn how to do social network advertising.

If you give him a chance, he can truly change your life. He has this ability to back whatever he says with facts and that makes him a very compelling speaker/mentor/whatever. Watch this video, this is one of his real deal videos and you can get a ton of knaawledge from this guy.

The weird fact is that even when I totally understand why people wouldn’t think so, he’s actually very humble. How? Well just look at him. He’s very, very rich and he’s still learning, reading a book a day, discussing with his mentors and basically hustling all day long. You can see him hanging around with Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone… Do you think those guys would stick with him if he wouldn’t be worth it? I doubt.