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Ovens Media Consulting Agency – Redsea Robotics Reviews


As most of you probably know, we at Redsea Robotics have been providing value to our customers since 2012. Since then, we have experienced a lot. Good or bad, we have learned the lessons and moved on. But no matter what we have learned, we have always collected some data. Could they be useful to the general public?

We want to start sharing those experiences with you and hopefully, we can help you with your business decisions.

Let’s start with consulting agencies. We have met quite a lot of consultants during our last years in business. Some of them were excellent, some of them are not worth mentioning.


One of the top experiences for us was meeting Mr. Sam Ovens. You probably have heard of him as he is quite active with his advertising on social media, especially on Facebook. In case you’ve never heard of this amazing young man, watch this video.

Like many others, Sam grew up in a middle-class family and as a small kid, he actually didn’t have any “future business prodigy” signs. But as he grew up, he started a small business from his parent’s garage and grew it to a seven-figure company. His niche is consulting. He provides value to business owners, helping them to grow their revenues. How does he do it?

Like many others, the first thing he does is an audit. Not a financial one though! He’s been in the business long enough to see immediately where the leaks are or what crucial mistakes are you doing.

Besides of that, Sam is a bestselling author, speaker, and mentor. His online program is called Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator and he says he’s confident, that you can buy it and start your successful consulting career even if you have never run a business in your life. Speak of daring mighty things!

If you want to read much more and read the review, click here to see how Sam can help you grow.

How can he be so confident? Well, he has years of consulting and hundreds, maybe thousands of students to back his words.

sam ovens

Do you think wow, this must be a born leader, super confidentJames Bond style character? Well, not exactly. As a kid, Sam was actually a shy boy and when he started his consulting agency, it wasn’t all easy for him. When he was calling businesses to offer them his services, he used to be so nervous, that he had to drink four beers to calm his nerves prior to those calls. But those days are over. Now he’s a success story and teaches you, how to start a successful business.